Karen was a wonderful addition to our 50 Shades of Green Girl’s Night Out Event. For many of our attendees, her tarot readings were the main attraction. She was very professional and accomodating even with over 50 women in attendance! We can’t wait for Karen to come back tour our next Girl’s Night Out. Shalimar Albanese- Marketing and Events Director, Shamrock Financial

My husband and I hosted a joint 35th birthday party at a local night club. We had Boss Lady Tarot do readings for the guests in attendance. Everyone thought it was such a great and unique idea for a party! Karen was a compete professional. All the folks who got a reading were pleased and had a very positive experience. I highly recommend adding readings to your next event or party! The experience is such a conversation starter, and Karen is the best. I always suggest her services to anyone thinking of hosting an event or party. Great and professional service. Michelle Milette, North Attelboro.

I have never been one to go to a psychic or a tarot reader or a seer. Although I do believe I know there are a lot of “fakes” out there. I met Karen 6 years ago and have watched her hone her craft both natural and learned down to a tee. By nature I know her to be intuitive so it made sense to me when she started studying tarot. I recently did a reading with her and felt enlightened and refreshed after hearing her thoughts. The reading was comfortable and at no point did I feel weird or bullshitted.
The tarot reading with her clarified a lot of things that were fuzzy to me. I recommend a reading by Karen to anyone skeptic or believer.Marie Michaelle- Providence

“I’m not usually into this stuff, This was actually my first tarot card reading experience in general all I can say is after my reading I had my mind blown. The reading was so accurate to my life that it almost freaked me out but in the long run really helped me out with some big decisions i had to recently make regarding a new job. Thanks again Karen!” Danny Sousa-Pawtucket RI

“Karen did my first tarot reading EVER, and it was incredible! She’s extremely intelligent and professional, and is so gifted in her ability to translate from the cards to your life. She opened up my mind to things going on around me and I was able to take a deep breath and understand where my life is headed. I would recommend Karen to everyone who is interested, her reading was moving. Great job Karen, and thank you so much! Meredith Anderson, Lakeville MA

“So sorry for the delay……had my first reading with Karen a few weeks ago and it was a great experience. She was professional and I was able to relate the reading into what was happening with my life at that time. Thanks again for the insight”- Judy DeFreitas, East Providence RI

Karen,,you blew me away with your reading. Your interpretation from beginning to end, from the first card to the last, synchronized with my thoughts as they passed through my mind. INCREDIBLE! I officially pronounce you my life advisor.. Congrats! Alex Aponte, New York, NY

Karen, meeting you at the charity ladies night for the childrens wish foundation was great. you had so many people to read and were calm and patient and were the last to leave to get everyone in that was still there and waiting. you were right on the DOT when you read mine and it was amazing, you do such a terrific job and i cannot wait to come to you in the future for further readings. Lisa LaCroix, East Providence RI

“Karen I had a great time at the Ladies Night event. I can’t wait to have another reading. It was so accurate that it freaked me out a little”. See you soon- Heather Louis Paiva- East Providence RI