It’s choice –not chance — that determines your destiny.”

Jean Nidetch (1923- ) Founded Weight Watchers organization in 1963.


•Tarot is THE spiritual game of chance. Where else does visual imagery and esoteric symbolism relate your personal perspective into a myriad of events and circumstances relevant to YOUR human experience so effectively?

•The Tarot stimulates your intuition and focuses your awareness. Although the ancient art can’t be expected to determine outcomes with absolute certainty, think about it, what else does?

•If the cards suggest outcomes inconsistent with your higher belief systems and cognition, you and only you retain the freedom to CHOOSE.

•Let the Diva (that’s me) entertain you with her feast of insight. Wit, puns, proverbs delicious enough to be eaten, and yes, epigrams for the epigrammatical can emphasize the gist while providing pleasure to the backsides of your fists, also known as the “Tarot-induced laughing palm effect” or TILPE, pronounced “til-pai” for the uninitiated.

•As this Tarot master-to-be may say with absolute certainty, “Providing third party Tarot card readings ruins my TILPE.”

•Blabbing your readings to other people is not allowed. I’m a confidante, not a gossipy aunt.

•If you need someone to provide medical, psychological, legal or financial advice, hire a learned bus driver or Eskimo savant.

•Don’t upset your divination diva, or you may watch your reading go bye bye. I use my discretion the way some people use their sacred middle fingers.

•I can’t read for free. Cash flow is the way to go. No pay is a no don’t you know? Want a refund? It ain’t being done.

•Want spells? If you turn round and round, you will get dizzy. Hocus pocus? I’m not your smokus locus.

•Your esteemed diva permits the ending of your reading at any time.

•I salivate when you participate.

•Issues or concerns about rattlesnakes in the room prior to your reading? Please tell me before we both get bitten.

•The Tarot is for ENTERTAINMENT purposes only! Let me entertain you with something fun that’s ALL ABOUT YOU.